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Classic Hair Colors For Men That Never Go Out of Style

Hair color for males can be used to conceal gray roots, lighten dark hair, darken light hair, or create stylish streaks of color. Of course, choosing the proper hue (and type of color) may be difficult, and attaining a natural-looking effect can be much more difficult. Before you contemplate coloring your hair at home, it’s usually a good idea to consult a professional colorist or, at the absolute least, your barber or stylist.

Certain color formulae are better suited to specific types of hair or outcomes. Let’s take a look at each hue.

Guide To The Classic Hair Colors For Men That Never Go Out of Style

Color Temporary

Rinses, shampoos, gels, foams, and sprays are all examples of temporary color. Temporary colors cover the hair shaft rather than permeating it, making them relatively easy to remove.

Temporary color comes in brighter, more artificial colors and is frequently used for Halloween or costume events. It should be noted that particularly dry or damaged hair may enable some penetration of the hair shaft, allowing the color to remain through numerous washings.

Color that is semi-permanent

Semi-permanent color is just that: semi-permanent, lasting four to eight shampoos or a few weeks. This hair color is frequently applied as a cream or rinse and is composed of a tiny molecule capable of penetrating the hair shaft.

Semi-permanent colors are less harmful to the hair and safer for damaged hair since they include lower doses of developer (peroxide or ammonia). Semi-permanent dyes can darken or add color to hair but cannot lighten it.

You won’t have to deal with the trouble of getting your roots touched up because the color fades over time. Semi-permanent hair color will not hide gray hair entirely, but it will darken it and make it less apparent.

Color that is semi-permanent

Demi-permanent color lasts longer than semi-permanent color. A demi-permanent color includes no ammonia and will not lighten the hair, but it deposits color more efficiently than a semi-permanent color, so the effect will persist for around 20 to 30 shampoos (or up to 12 weeks). Salons frequently employ demi-permanent colors to renew existing colors or to integrate gray hair.

Color that lasts

Permanent color is often administered as a cream that thoroughly penetrates the hair all the way to the cortex (this is where melanin, which gives the hair its color, is located). Permanent color interacts with natural colors in the hair, resulting in bigger molecules that become permanently lodged in the cortex.

As a result, permanent color cannot be washed away (though it may fade) and must be removed using bleaching or stripping chemicals (or, of course, waiting for the hair to grow and cutting it off). Permanent color is best suited for people who want to totally conceal gray hair or create an entirely new hue.

Now that you understand the many types of hair colors, you may work with your barber or stylist to get the look you want.