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Best Ways To Treat Dry Hair in Men

Even if men’s hair isn’t often subjected to high heat and styling equipment doesn’t mean they’re immune to dry hair. Excessive washing with hot water, alcohol-based styling solutions, and regular sun exposure, to name a few causes of dry locks in males.

Often, however, the solution is as easy as changing your shampoo process or cooling it on a specific product or hot tool. So, if your hair has been feeling dry, don’t worry since it’s completely fixable. Follow the instructions below to have moisturized hair in no time.

Here Are The Best Ways To Treat Dry Hair in Men

1. In colder water, shampoo less.

Shampooing every day shouldn’t be an issue for most guys, but if your hair is dry or brittle—or both—you might want to consider switching to an every other day plan. Furthermore, when shampooing, use only lukewarm water since hot water might be excessively harsh and harmful to the hair.

This also helps to avoid removing too much of your hair’s natural oils, which are what keep your strands looking lustrous and hydrated. If you think your hair has to be washed every day, consider washing it with simply water or an apple cider vinegar solution instead.

2. Change your shampoo and conditioner.

It has been stated that using the same shampoo and conditioner for an extended period of time might cause the hair to become immune to its advantages. While this has not been verified, switching to a different kind every three or four months is a decent strategy to attempt to avoid the aforementioned issue.

You should also seek shampoo and conditioner that are branded “moisturizing,” “hydrating,” and “nourishing,” since they will address your dry hair’s demands.

Deep conditioning treatments can help save your thirsty strands, even if you only apply them once a week. Simply apply the solution to your body and rinse for instantly smoother, shinier hair.

3. Avoid items containing alcohol.

Avoiding cosmetics containing alcohol is one of the simplest methods to maintain hair in good condition. However, believe it or not, not all forms of alcohol are harmful to your hair. In fact, some of them, known as “fatty alcohols,” can assist to retain moisture and thicken hair. Benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, lauryl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, and myristyl alcohol are examples.

However, the following should be avoided at all costs: ethanol, SD alcohol, alcohol denat, SD alcohol 40, propanol, isopropyl alcohol, and propyl alcohol. When in doubt, study the labels and seek natural products containing a variety of hair-nourishing oils.

4. Change your hairstyle method

Another quick and easy approach to make your hair seem shinier is to use a boar-bristle or nylon brush, which contain bristles that are incredibly close together. This will assist in evenly distributing the oils down the hair shaft while also stimulating the scalp.

5. Change your drying procedure

If your hair is parched and lacks luster, you should always attempt to let it air-dry rather than using a blow-dryer, which will simply dry it out further. It’s also a good idea to wipe the hair with a towel or an old cotton shirt because rubbing with a towel can cause damaged hair to tear even more.

After your hair has dried, apply your favorite alcohol-free styling product and style as usual. If you must use a blow-dryer, use a thermal styling spray first to protect the hair, and then use a cool or low-heat setting on the dryer.

Following the advice above, especially those regarding shampoo, conditioner, and style products, should help you solve your dry hair problem, but if you’re still experiencing issues, see your barber or go-to hairdresser for extra aid.