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Best Short-Hair Styling Tips

Whether it’s time for the big cut or simply a trim, a new short ‘do is sure to change up your entire image. Remember that cutting your hair alters more than just your appearance; it also impacts your whole hair care and style regimen.

While short hairstyles such as a pixie cut or curly bob require less upkeep than longer strands, your at-home hair care and styling procedures will change. Read on for 10 of our finest hair care and styling suggestions for short haircuts to help you stay calm after your chop.

Including these hair care recommendations in your at-home regimen can help maintain your short strands as healthy and strong as possible.

List of The Best Short-Hair Styling Tips In 2023

1. Utilize Less Product

Short strands still require leave-in styling products, but far less than longer strands. While this may seem simple, it bears repeating since applying too much product will cause your short hair to seem flat and oily. Instead, use less product and simply work it through the lengths and ends – you can always add more as required.

2. Use a silk or satin pillowcase to sleep on.

Choose a silk pillowcase to protect your short strands while you sleep. A silk pillowcase contributes to a smooth and slippery surface for your hair, resulting in less friction and straining. Including a silk pillowcase in your evening regimen will not only help you maintain your style while sleeping, but it will also assist your hair retain moisture, resulting in reduced damage.

3. Apply a Deep Conditioning Treatment to your hair.

While shorter strands may appear healthier, this does not imply that they require less care. When your tresses require additional care, replace your normal conditioner with a treatment mask. This mask nourishes, intensively hydrates, and shines all hair types, especially color-treated hair.

4. Maintain Routine Trims

While salon appointments are required to maintain your short strands looking their best, there is a technique to trim your ends between salon visits and keep your hair healthy at home. Hair dusting is a procedure of clipping dead ends and split, too dry, or otherwise damaged hair. This little cut not only enhances the overall appearance of your mane, but it may also help make your short hair more manageable.

5. Use Dry Shampoo to refresh and add volume.

On days when your roots are particularly greasy, use a colored dry shampoo to freshen them. Spray this colored dry shampoo over your roots, rub, then brush through while holding the can six to eight inches away from your hair. The product absorbs excess oil quickly, adds volume to the roots, and conceals grays or roots in need of a touch-up.

6. Add accessories

If there’s one thing that can make super-short hair less appealing, it’s having to give up the ability to tie your hair into an effortless ponytail, as this popular style just doesn’t work with most short haircuts. So, if you want to style your very short hair at home, grab for a headband or a charming clip. You can keep your hair out of your face by accessorizing while keeping your short strands stylish and amusing.

7. Texture by Tousling

There is no hair length that cannot benefit from some texture, but short haircuts are more appealing when they are tousled and texturized. Try a hair pomade for a sloppy, piecey look. Work a little quantity into damp or dry strands, then use your fingers to tousle and style your hair.

8. Allow to air dry

Because too much heat styling can cause damage, all hair types and lengths can benefit from air-drying more frequently. If you have wavy or curly hair, use curls cream leave-in to accentuate your natural pattern. Apply liberally to damp hair from roots to ends and scrunch to style.

Editor’s note: Adding curls to short strands is a terrific method to style them at home. If you wish to heat style your short strands with a curler or flat iron on occasion, use a heat protectant first.

9. Wear a low bun or a half-bun.

If your short strands are longer, go for a low bun style or draw up the strands that reach for a half-bun. These two styles are suitable for short hair, and sometimes you just want to wear your hair up. If you’re feeling daring, experiment with whimsical and short hair-friendly updo-like space buns.

10. Change Your Colors

There’s no reason to limit yourself to just one alteration at a time – if you want a whole different look, match your short haircut with a new hair color. You may refresh your hair color at home using an at-home hair color kit for a more permanent repair.