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Best Men’s Haircut Length For Your Hairstyle

While it is true that beauty originates within, we cannot deny that looking beautiful makes you feel good. Consider when you’re having a wonderful hair day. Is there anything more encouraging?

Still, getting the proper cut and style may be difficult, especially with so many alternatives available. How do you know what’s the ideal hair length for you? From lengthy locks like Jared Leto to a buzz cut like Michael B. Jordan—and everything in between—how do you know what’s the best hair length for you?

We enlisted the services of celebrity stylists and groomers Ben Talbott and Jillian Halouska. They not only told us what considerations we should consider while picking a hair length, but they also shared their expert suggestions for pulling off various styles.


  • Ben Talbott is a hairdresser and groomer located in London. Joey King, Laura Harrier, Jeff Goldblum, and Daniel Glover are among his notable clients.
  • Jillian Halouska is a hairdresser and groomer located in New York and Paris. Among her celebrity clients are Julia Garner, Chloe Grace Moretz, Sebastian Stan, and Penn Badgley.

Continue reading for our comprehensive guide on selecting the optimum hair length for guys.

Choosing the Best Haircut Length for Men

Let’s be honest: Just because Zayne Malik can pull off rotating between a pink pompadour and a blonde buzzcut looks natural, doesn’t mean we can. The truth is, while personal preference is important when choosing on a hairstyle, it is not the only one.

A few crucial elements to consider, according to Halouska, are your hair texture, care and maintenance, density and weight, and the amount of time you have each day to attain your desired style.

“If your hair is fine/thin, I think it’s better to maintain it short,” Talbott advises. “Face shape and bone structure are also important considerations.” If you have a long face, retain some weight on the sides to balance out the facial form.”

Don’t scrimp on style once you’ve decided on a haircut. Investing in high-quality hair products is a proven method to keep your locks looking healthy and beautiful. Talbott’s favorite products are Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste ($29) and Ouai Matte Pomade ($24).

Almost Shaved

Man with buzz cut

A almost shaven cut is a tempting appearance for anybody on the go, as well as those with thin hair, thanks to its edgy design and wash-and-go style. Just bear in mind that this cut is time-consuming and requires frequent maintenance. “Cut every two weeks at a minimum to maintain the style appearing fresh and clean,” Talbott advises.

“Be mindful of dips in the head and behind the ears—easy locations to overlook,” Halouska advises while shaving your own hair.

” “Don’t forget to hydrate your scalp or apply sun protection cream to prevent sun spots and sunburn,” Talbott advises.

Haircuts for Short Hair

man with short buzz hair cut

I don’t mind having short hair. This style is excellent for those of us who want a stunning ‘do with minimal effort. Still, Halouska advises that “little care with a short cut is crucial.” “Even trimming around the ears might help this keep sharp if it becomes overgrown.” Using a little pomade will easily separate and add some flair and swagger to this length.” She adores Patricks’ offers.

If you’re wondering if you can pull off a short ‘do, Talbott has some words of wisdom: “For shorter lengths, make sure you have a decent head shape.”

If you don’t have it, you may mimic it by retaining weight where it is needed.” (Whew, that’s a relief.)

For a flat head, for example, Talbott recommends keeping the hair longer all the way to the occipital bone. If you have a rounder head, he suggests keeping the cut tight along the sides and longer across the top. “Always use a product to avoid the hair from seeming ‘fluffy,'” adds Talbott. Forming Cream by Daimon Barber ($35) will do the trick.

Hair of Medium Length

man with medium hair

If your hair is medium to thick, a cut that is neither too long nor too short will offer you the best of all worlds. Medium-length hair is really adaptable and will allow you to easily change up your look.

Although styling will take some effort, maintenance is minimal. “Cut your hair every four weeks to maintain the form and cut appearing fresh,” Talbott recommends. “To tame flyaways, always apply a grooming cream.” Bumble and bumble Grooming Cream ($28) is his favorite.

Shape is vital when it comes to medium-length hair, says Halouska. “Take off bulk where hair is abundant (typically on the sides to reduce puffiness) and preserve density where it is weak,” she suggests.

Hair that is long

man with long hair

Long hair may not be the preferred length for most men, but it is something to consider. “Here is where hair health counts,” stresses Halouska, implying that a good hair care routine is crucial. “If your hair is dry or brittle, use a mask, a clarifying shampoo, and high-quality elastics to protect it from breaking.”

“Wash your hair on a regular basis and use a moisturizing conditioner to keep those lovely locks fresh and nourished,” Talbott says. “I also use a leave-in conditioner, such as Moroccan Oil Leave In Conditioner ($30).”

Talbott suggests a decent trim every three months to keep split ends at bay. Protective styles or basic updos like a man bun make styling a snap. You may also show off your length by wearing your hair down and loose—just use your natural texture as a guide.

“My main recommendation is to let and embrace your natural texture to be a benefit rather than a problem,” adds Halouska. “You shouldn’t have to battle your hair; it should flow and take shape with the least amount of effort, whether it’s product, blow dryer, brushes, combs, shampoo/conditioner, and so on.”

The Bottom Line

Let’s just say you have alternatives when it comes to selecting what hair length works best for you. To help narrow them down, consider what cut would complement your lifestyle, facial shape, hair type, and texture.

Each length requires a different degree of upkeep, so if you want to keep style to a minimal, choose for cuts that highlight your natural texture. And if you can’t decide between a close crop and a longer style, why not try both with a cut that has short sides and a long top? Just a thought.