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Best Hair Chalks For Temporary Color In 2023

Hair chalk is precisely as it sounds: chalk for your hair! Unlike hair dye, which enters the hair cuticle, the best hair chalk just lays color, which washes out after a few washing.

It will not harm your hair, as long as you apply it correctly (more on that next). As a result, hair chalks are an excellent method to test out a new color before committing to it permanently.

To begin, put on a pair of gloves and a cape, or wear a shirt that you don’t mind staining. If you have dark hair, moisten each portion of it before applying the chalk to help the color to attach better, so keep a spritz bottle nearby.

(If you have light hair and want a more powerful color payoff, you may also do this.) Then separate your hair, dampen it (or not), and scrape the chalk into it with downward strokes rather than pressing upwards, which can damage the hair cuticle.

Twist each part off and let the chalk to dry naturally. When it’s completely dried, brush out each twist and blow dry it. Finally, put on a heat protectant and pass a curling iron, flat iron, or hairspray across each part to lock in the color.

Depending on your favorite vehicle — stick, compact, comb, or spray — experience a momentary makeover with one of the best hair chalks highlighted below.

List of Best Hair Chalks For Temporary Color In 2023

1. The Most Effective Sticks

 1. The Most Effective Sticks

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This highly rated hair chalk set comprises 10 colors — five brights and five metallics — so you may itch all your rainbow-colored scratches at the same time, if you’re so inclined. It’s promoted for children aged four to eighteen, which I see as emphasizing how simple these chalks are to use rather than obvious ageism – they’re like crayons for your hair. They, too, will not stain or bleed all over your pillows/sheets/life.

“I definitely recommend that you bribe a buddy to help you, because you do need some pressure to get the color on correctly,” says one Amazon reviewer. We also placed a little piece of cardboard behind the strand we were coloring, which made things much simpler.

I attempted to get the most out of the color by not washing my hair for three days, and the colors remained pretty well!”

2. The Most Effective Compact

 2. The Most Effective Compact

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A compact hair chalk, such as this one from Splat, is a somewhat less messy alternative to using a stick. The compact is intended to fit securely in your palm, allowing you to simply slip the color onto your hair with minimum staining.

(You will still get chalk on your fingertips, but not nearly as much as with a stick applicator.) It’s also simple to control how much pigment you apply, depending on how subtle or powerful you want the hue to be. Both the Dusty Rose and Violet Sky shades seen above have a bit of glitter in them, making them great for an interstellar Barbie style.

3. The Top Combs

 3. The Top Combs

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Hair chalk combs are the next item on the “messy and difficult to use/relatively cleaner and easy to use” range. This Arteza set of ten is the best-rated on Amazon. Combs rank higher on the scale than sticks and compacts for obvious reasons – you’ll just brush the chalk right into your hair, being care to massage it in well.

All of the hair chalks on our list are completely safe for children’s hair, but these mess-free combs are an especially fantastic choice if your child wants to undertake the application procedure themselves (chaperoned, of course). However, these combs provide significantly less accuracy than a compact or stick.

4. The Most Effective Spray

 4. The Most Effective Spray

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Finally, for the least time-consuming alternative, try L’Oreal’s spray-on hair color. It’s not strictly a chalk, but it serves the similar purpose. Shake the container, hold it 4-6 inches away from your hair, spray it over the chosen areas, and finish with hairspray to seal in the color.

Remember that the pigment increases after it dries, so if the color doesn’t appear right away, avoid the impulse to overdo it; spraying on too much can also leave your hair hard and matted.

These sprays wash away promptly, making them ideal for a costume party or other one-time event — or if you’re simply really commitment-phobic (no judgment). Choose from eleven vibrant colors ranging from hot pink to mint to silver.

Hair Chalk: How to Use It & Remove It?

Hair Chalk Liquid

Liquid hair chalk lasts between 2 and 10 washes. It will often include a sponge-tipped or foam applicator. To avoid ruining your clothes and hands, drape a towel over your shoulders and put on gloves.

Next, apply the product to your locks with the applicator. Wait 30 seconds for the product to thoroughly soak before blow-drying with a style brush. To get rid of it, simply wash your hair as you normally would.

However, you may speed up the elimination process by massaging a hair oil into your strands before shampooing and conditioning, such as Sachajuan’s Intensive Hair Oil ($33).

Compact Hair Chalk

A hair chalk compact can be applied to wet or dry hair, although wet hair will provide a more strong color. Slide the hair chalk compact over the length of hair you want to color in a one-inch piece.

With a spritz of hairspray, seal the pigment in. Depending on how light your hair is, it will take one to three shampoos to remove it. Hair chalk in a compact normally washes out fast and easily with shampoo, while blondes may need to shower a few more times to remove all of the colour.

Stick of Hair Chalk

The conventional hair chalk stick may be used on wet or dry hair and lasts between 2-4 shampoos, depending on the lightness of your hair. To avoid stains, wrap a towel across your shoulders and use gloves. If you have dark hair, moisten the region you want to color before applying the chalk.

Blondes can do the same, but the pigment will last much longer. Apply the chalk to the strand of hair you want to color, twisting it in as you go. Allow the color to dry before applying a cold blast of air with your hairdryer.

Style as normal, but if you want to keep the color in place, finish with hairspray. It can be removed with regular wash, but a clarifying shampoo will quickly rinse it out.

Chalk Spray for Hair

Hair chalk spray is probably the simplest to apply because you simply spritz it on dry hair before heading out. It usually only lasts a few shampoos, but that means it’s incredibly simple to remove from your hair. Simply spritz the color right on your hair, anywhere you want a flash of color, and style as usual.